"Help me, please."
I hear her calling quietly.

"Is anyone there?"
She's all alone.

A tear freezes on her face.

"Someone help me!"
But no one hears her.

She looks around, frightened
Just a figure in the dark.

Takes a few careful, heavy steps toward help
And promptly falls into a wayworn heap.

Covered in snow; cold
Cheek bitten red by the fierce wind

Nothing to wrap around her,
No one to hold her tight.

I see her but does she see me?
Can anyone else see her?

Crouching in a corner,
Trying to hide

I wonder who she was,
How she ended up like this here.

Like a child she whimpers,
As if terrorized by something only she knows

I want to help her
But I can't get to her

"Please! Someone help me!"
She cries, arms outstretched.

But it all passes her by
No one cares to see or hear

She's alone, in the dark,
Scared and cold

In defeat she sinks,
Lost now under the snow.

No one helped her
No one loved her

But everyone moves on
Because no one even saw.