New Time, New Blade

Why won't it work?

No matter how hard I press,

It just won't come,

I can't get deep enough

The blood is little

The marks are few

But my hearts breaking,

With every cut.

I need this though

I know people don't want me to

And I hate that I disappoint you

But know, I love you both.

I said I've stopped

But I didn't hold true.

But just to let you know,

It's not because of you.

I really need this

Even tough it's breaking my heart,

It also makes me feel better,

And that's the true part.

The marks will no longer stay,

Is it me or just the blade?

I push and push, but it

Just doesn't seem to work.

I know I've let you down,

In more ways then just one.

But you know quitting isn't easy,

Especially with this craving under my skin.

Everyone who quits has it,

They know how hard it is.

How much will and struggle it takes,

So don't be mad, coz I can't take that.

I need you to understand and forgive,

Coz I need our friendship.

I know I'll die without it,

I love you no matter what.

The cuts are getting deeper,

The pain in constant flow.

But at this point in time,

I can't let it go.

I need more time to release,

I need more blood to flow,

I need more scars to touch,

To let me know I'm alive.

I need a new blade,

As this ones to blunt.

Coz it's not getting deep enough,

And the blood just won't run.

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