Fly for me baby,

Open your wings and soar,

Find the mountains,

Follow the river's flow,

Watch the sun as it fades,

Yet don't sit still,

Waiting for the next day.

Fly for me baby,

Glide on the wind,

Taking you to places,

You have never been,

Come back for me though,

Don't fly away,

I've given you wings,

But please baby stay.

Fly for me baby,

Be free and smile,

It's been to long,

And I've waited a while,

Take me too,

Give me wings,

I'll follow you,

To wherever you've been.

Fly for me baby,

You've fallen too much,

Yet I'm here to catch you,

I'll give you that special touch,

Fly for me baby,

Just promise me this,

Fly for me baby,

It's always me you'll miss.

By Siobhan

Date: 10/December/2004