It's part of growing up, they say.

To love for a while, then get bored one day.

And though at first I thought the same,

Now I see you play no game.

I'm scared to say a single word

That could silence all your thoughts, unheard

By anyone who understands,

Who'd bandage your heart with careful hands.

I've watched you suffer, seen your cries,

Your fate in idle hands, it lies.

There's yet to be the crush and burn,

But soon it seems to be your turn.

For if this path continues long,

Soon we'll sing another song.

Of pain and laughter, sickness and health,

Of longing and rejection, loss and wealth,

And though it almost tears me in two,

I still am holding on to you.

My faith has been with you through the years,

We've shared our secrets, hopes, and fears.

And losing you now, to see the end

Of the heart of my very closest friend,

Would surely be the end of my one chance

To ever wish for a romance.

For if you give up, what good am I?

Who on your persistence so rely?

And if you, the biggest romantic I know,

Give up, what good of it would show?

The end of sweet poems, the end of rhyme

The end of love before your time.

You mean more than you know to me,

If not by blood alone, you're sister by family.

So please, try to make a brand new start,

And let us, your friends, bandage your bleeding heart.

She Knows This Is For Her.