My Only Christmas Wish

By writerforever

Dedicated to JessLynn

All through the moments

All through the laughter

All through the tears

Through everything we shared

Never once did we confess

We never did confess our true feelings

Certain moments came giving us a chance

A chance to confess what was really in our hearts

But we held it in

And now you are gone

And it is too late to tell you how I really feel

The Beginning of a Beautiful Moment

Have you ever really, really liked someone but yet you never really told them that you cared about them? Well it happened to me but at the time I never really thought much about it that is until. . .it was too late. My story begins in the most festive season of the year, Christmastime. I lived with my parents on a farm in Kentucky that seemed to be completely out in the middle of nowhere. My parents were devout Christians and at the age of sixteen God saved me and I tried my best to serve Him, although I failed Him so many times.

The farm on which we lived was the place where my father had grew up. So it was a very special place to him. He loved the farm so much. He loved to work the farm and he hoped that I would enjoy doing it too. Well you know how it goes, the son is usually never like his father when it comes to what he wants to do with his life. I was more into reading and dreaming of faraway places such as Africa (the country that I hoped to go to as a missionary). But my father was more practical. We had a few arguments about some things but soon things died down and we got a long good.

Christmastime was always exciting to me and it was my favorite time of year. We would put up the Christmas tree and hang up Christmas lights on the house. Then of course there was present shopping. Through all the hustle and bustle of Christmas I met someone who forever changed my life. But the funny thing is I wasn't even looking for love and suddenly it appeared for some unknown reason. Being home schooled all my life, my mother and I attended home school parties that were specifically for homeschoolers. Some of my friends from church attended the parties and we had fun at the parties. Mostly all we did was sing, make crafts, and played games. But we all enjoyed it very much.

It was snowing the day my mother and I, along with my best friend Chris attended the Christmas home school party. Chris and I were in a deep discussion about his girlfriend, Teresa. Chris was one year younger than I and he and his girlfriend were the same age.

"So Marcus do you think you'll ever get a girlfriend?" Chris asked me as we rode along in the car.

"Well, I really doubt it. Ever since Hannah and I broke up I just kind of decided to not get any girlfriends for awhile. I mean I just really haven't had a crush on anyone in a LONG time," I replied.

"Maybe you'll find someone soon," Chris said.

I smiled and looked out the car window at the passing scenery. Snow flakes fell and were slowly covering the ground. I really had never thought much about having another girlfriend after Hannah and I broke up. I had met Hannah at a church meeting in Georgia and she and I become good friends but that friendship turned into something more. But it hadn't lasted and soon we broke up and she ended up having seven boyfriends after me. I had really liked Hannah but I knew that we had kind of rushed into things and it had left us both with saddened hearts.

After I became a Christian I wanted to think about God and to not be distracted by things. I had always thought a girlfriend would be a distraction and I wanted to wait awhile before I even considered a relationship with a girl. But all of that changed when we arrived at the Christmas party.

To Be Continued. . .