Consume me.

Touch me. Taste me. Tease me.

Let your wanton lust explode along my body.

Your desires fulfilled in my soft whimpers,

soft groans, soft cries, loud moans.

Consume me.

I'll submit to your every command.

Pressed face-down against the bed,

naked, leaned over and exposed.

Show me the error of my ways.

Let me taste the pleasure of your hand.

Let me revel in your dominance,

in the exquisite pain of the belt.

Consume me.

Fulfill your every last wish and fantasy.

Take my body as your servant, your slave.

Let the searing heat flame from my reddened flesh,

to every depth of my body.

The throbbing stings flushing me with my own sinful wants.

Consume me.

Make me beg for you.

Beg for touch.

Beg for sex.

Beg for pain.

Consume me.

Consume all of me.

Consume my body with yours so that there is no escape.

hands bound above my head and submitting entirely to you.


consume me.