Forever Gone

Blood dripping down her arm,

Head spinning in alarm.

Blade all dead and silent, lying in the sink.

She sits there while crying a roar.

Her heart and soul took and broke.

Her life's a mess with everyone gone.

The one she loves is so fed up.

He thought she was nice but she shattered that image out right.

She seems to be more screwed up then ever.

He can't handle that pressure, and shouldn't have to.

They started off small, not even noticed.

But the pressure behind the blade was more.

The person didn't want to stop the pour.

She got older day by day, the cuts got deeper night by night.

Her tears in a flood of broken dreams.

Her soul terrified by all the screams.

Her mind gives up with the pain that's going on inside.

She's numb, to herself especially everyone else.

Can she be saved?

Does she want to be saved?

Will the love of one person pull her through or will the blade take over.

The next night she might not be lucky and the love will be forgotten and the blade lying silent and dead will take over and make sure she's forever gone, to bed.

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