The world offers me its tears, and I cry

The world pushes me and I fall

I'm denied, deprived of any dream

And I can't see past my self-destructive wall.

Lost another job today

Ran over a runaway pet, made a kid cry

Got into a fight with my mom

Look in the mirror, my smile's twisted and I deny the truth why


In the crazy city

Where the traffic rushes by

There's danger and chaos 'round every corner

And you never find the time to cry

There's no one to come home to through the never-ending rain

And it seems your heart's gone dry.


I'm drowning


Drowning in the rain…

Now it's a late Friday night

I sit here by myself in my caged-in pen

All my girls are out with their boyfriends

Whispering I love you someplace I've never been

I'm cold and alone

All seems dark and hopeless

I don't have the heart to pick up the phone

Call my parents ask them can I go over there tonight

No, I'm too old to go home.


I hate it

I hate everything life stinks

I trip over the threshold when I try to go out my front door

I'm twenty-four and my hair is turning gray

Nothing's ever gonna change

My friends try to make me feel better

I push them away, say "This is how things are,"

They preach it ain't so bad if I would only let myself see

But I know better than to go too far.


I let them set me up with a blind date

Just to humor them a little tonight

Saying hello to some weird guy I've never met

I force a smile, act bored and tight

But when I look into his eyes, something inside me finally cries

2nd Chorus (below): 2X

Love doesn't come to you by will

Love isn't handed to you on a silver platter

You must endure rain and chill

To find it at last in that man's arms

When you know you've come home over the long, wide hill of the world…

Next morning sun shines

My eyes blinded by light coming through the window

I look at my clock it's ten A.M. Saturday

I get up, look with wonder in the mirror and I know

Today's the day

I turn everything around, feel the winds blow.

I go out in my bare feet

The dew on the grass wakes up my soles

I feel small and funny

But my heart no longer has so many holes.

Life goes on

Life goes on

Life goes on

2nd Chorus