"I Will Always..."

I will always admire you for the abilities you have

The one's within

Your poetic heart,

Is what sets you as a man apart

I will always see you for who you are

I'll never feel you need to change

Your beautiful and divine

And will become even more farther into time

I will always be there to hear you when something's tearing at your thoughts

When you feel you've lost everything you had,

I'll be there to listen, through the good times and the bad

I will always be there for you, even when you cry

To comfort you the best I can

And even if I can't help stop the tears that fall from your eyes

I'll stay even when they do; I'll show how much I care by promising to cry too

I will always keep you in my mind and heart, even at the end

I will always remember who you are

And I will always be proud to call you my friend…