AN: This poem is about my childhood, and how I love to play pretend. The Duke, the owl villian from that psychotic cartoon "Rock-a-doodle", was the first character I really, really wanted to embody. (Don't ask me why and please don't report me to the police/ PETA.) References belong to Don Bluth and Co. and tell me if you've seen the movie! I'd love to hear your views on the boundlesslunacyof that film. And now, without further ado:

The Duke Am I


Here's a Halloween prop, now my cape

Which I've tied around my shoulders

and now I am the Grand Duke of Owls

I fly around her backyard, she follows

as my nephew

"Uncle Dukie! Uncle Dukie!"

How I love games like these,



Witty, sarcastic, a connoisseur

making clever remarks about the rooster

Sexist, bastard rooster

Damn you!


Cape flying in the air

henchmen by my side

Yes, we could be anything


Back then, life was so pleasant

Now if only the Duke

had a love scene with Goldie