I'm not good enough

This world doesn't like the way I walk

My vow of silence, the fact that I refuse to talk.

I just can't win

I got no real friends

Any good feeling I have lasts for a second and then it ends.

Why am I so hated

What did I do?

I'm inferior because I refuse to be like you.

I could go on for miles

It's an endless range

It makes sense to hate the one person who you couldn't change.

I'm my own species now

A disgrace to my town

This world can't stand the fact that they can NEVER take me down.

Don't try to fool me

You're all the same

You call me the freak when SOCIETY is the one to blame.

I can't stand you people

You make me fuckin sick

Stop actin like you're better than me. You can't impress me, you prick.

It's all a big cycle

To be popular you gotta all act the same

And think doin stupid shit is funny. Wake up, idiots, life ain't all fun and games.

What this world's come to

Is just too much for me

Nothing's sacred anymore. Morale doesn't exist. There ain't a speck of light to see.

All you kids

You think you're so cool

Cuz you do drugs, throw your life away, don't give a shit about school.

Well that's baby bullshit

How can you act that way?

Your parents gave you life so you could be great someday.

That's what confuses me

How does someone lose their heart?

You gotta get your shit together, give yourself a kick in the ass; do your part.

It makes me sad to see

The people I once knew disappear

My old friends smokin, others gettin into violence; I never had a worse fear.

But maybe I'm the wrong one

And if that's the way it has to be,

I guess this world's just changin too fast for someone as old-fashioned as me.