Both Of Us

I'm sorry is all I can say, to this little display.

I didn't think my words would affect you in this way.

All I put down was an average night; most of it was fiction especially the drinking.

But you've got me worried and my head in a daze.

I love you so much that this hurts.

You can't tell me yet, and I understand why, but you know I can't sympathise.

As you know it's hard to care for someone so much that you want to take there pain away.

I realise now this is bigger than you or me, but know I'm always here when you need me.

I'm really confused, as I seem to be lately. But I can't deal with this, as it's too much to handle.

But I'm sorry for what I wrote and even what I said, I just hope you forgive.

But take it from my point of view; I don't know what's upsetting you.

I'm never gonna push, coz I know that's just wrong.

I know you feel uncomfortable with all these questions but like I said.

If were gonna be together then there can't be any secrets.

Coz you come with secrets, you build on lies and then the relationship will completely die.

I'm crying right now with the pain that I feel, I love you so much and that's what makes it so real.

I think form now on I'm going to keep my mouth shut, as I just seem to cause havoc.

I know you'll tell me when your good and ready, so don't worry I trust, I'll do the stressing for both of us.

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