We are all the same,

In a society full of pain

We know each other not,

Yet we sing the same song

Linking arms

Invisible bonds

Sad songs playing

We knew all the words before they were sung

In tribute to our Gods

We shackle ourselves and scream:

Dear God I thought you loved me?

Did I finally fall from your grace?

We know each other through our words,

Splayed on a flashing screen

No color, no race, no background can change us

Our bond

Wise man,

You once said beauty is within

Good man,

You spoke that we are all family

I follow your words,

An open path

Holding the hand of someone suffering,

Like me

Just because I'm smiling, doesn't mean I'm happy

I suffer from dreams I cannot have

I suffer from being still tortured:

He wont let me go

Now the question is played,

And I ask you

Why do you cry sister…?