The Masters

A/N I put this story up for the sake of putting it up. This i wrote last year, and started it in august. It is incomplete. There is origanlly 148pgs, but the floppy dis i recieved only had up to chapter six grrrrrrrrrrr me very upset about that so i am not going to touch too much of this story. When I get the rest of the chapters, I'll post them up like mad.

This story is meant for younger viewers...veiwer descretion is advised...hahaha lol. i was a witness at the time so it is no where near as good as the Huntress. Not a lot og gore, not a lot of evil. Unfortuantly. When I get the rest, I am so revising! hope u enjoy though!

It was early morning in the Wildcat Kingdom and Pantheris could not sleep. Instead she felt most comfortable in the training room; there she could keep an eye on the little warriors that trained to be big warriors. Pantheris' long blonde hair waved back and forth as she ran on the tracks around the outside of the fitness room. Rajha, her Guardian Beast ran loyally by her side, she could not remember a time through all the years she had known the black tiger to not stand beside her in any situation, even if it was humiliating.

Turning her attention back through the stained glass window separating her from the children inside as she watched them haggle over the equipment of whose turn it was. Pantheris half smiled to herself remembering her childhood with the two red heads Kim and Angeetah that used to play foolish pranks on one another.

You need rest, Pantheris, the hunt is tonight.

She looked down at her side where Rajha ran along side her. Her black Tiger was looked up at her curiously, probably wondering why she was exerting herself before the hunt. Pantheris sighed; her partner was right, she slowed down to a stop and patted Rajha on the head admiringly. She gingerly went to the girls change room and pulled her clothes off and took a nice warm bath to soothe her muscles.

After a while she got out and put on clothes from her gym bag at the cubby area of the change room. She slipped into her red ripped styled shirt with only one sleeve. The shirt only covered her breasts and nothing else. She slipped on a very short red skirt that tied up on her side. Swede knee high boots covered her feet, good for harsh terrain.

She grabbed her six tiger headed wipe and her daggers from her green bag and attached them to her belt.

She looked herself up and down satisfactorily in the long mirror hanging beside the wash stand. She checked her muscles, pleased at what she saw. Rajha looked at the dangerous beauty with green eyes in the mirror before her, she purred to herself admiringly. Rajha noticed Pantheris staring at her inquisitively so she gave her a toothy smile of amusement.

"Well I know who you love the most Rajha." Pantheris laughed. She grabbed her green gym bag and started towards the exit. Rajha took one last look in the mirror and flashed her white deadly teeth at herself in what she thought was attractive then hurriedly pounced away after Pantheris.

The tunnels were dimly lit by torches casting long shadows against the blue rock walls of the cave. By sunrise the lights would be brighter inside for the duration of the day.

Pantheris entered the fitness chamber where the hunters and warriors trained with their Guardian Beasts. Kim and Angeetah were plainly in sight by the weights. They were examining their Guardian's progress in their strength and skills.

Kim played with her red hair, in deep thought. Her green eyes were almost the same as Pantheris' except Pantheris had something dark and mysterious about hers.

Kim's Guardian Balefire was a red tiger and it too had green eyes but that was not why they had chosen each other. Only strong warriors had tigers and black tigers were the strongest with red ones close behind them. But her sister beside her did not train for strength. Instead she trained for speed and her white cheetah with black spots was the fastest they had in the kingdom. Both of them entered the tournaments, gaining more respect and a higher rank with every win. Kim and Angeetah noticed Pantheris coming towards them.

"Our Empress of the Wildcats, you honor us with your presence we are ready for the hunt." Said Kim; sweeping low.

"My scouts have informed me that the Dog tribe has entered our rainforest, thus we must be careful. When we all go for a hunt, we must all come back, understand?" Pantheris said.

"Our presence will not be noticed. No one will be taken as slaves tonight." Assured Angeetah; patting her cheetah on the head.

Pantheris got down on one knee and examined the condition of their Guardians for herself.

"We have to be at peak condition for this particular hunt. Normally I don't like to take such risks but we are low on food supplies, we can't last much longer on what we have." Said Pantheris; half to her.

Howsen, Pantheris' brother, glared at the group as he walked by. Pantheris returned that glare, stare for stare.

Rajha held her head high knowing that when Pantheris talked about being at peak condition, she was referring to her, always in top shape and the best Guardian. Rajha's shoulders reached past Pantheris' hips when she sat up straight since Rajha was not a small cat.

"When the sun falls we hunt." She said, and then walked off with Rajha at her side.