I fell in love today

though the sun didn't shine.

It was overcast and gray and cold nipped at our fingers. A stark reality in our daydreams of sunny beaches and mixed drinks. So we walked, trudging through the mire, letting the rain hit our faces and arms. The numb set in as we kissed behind the factory, fingers in my hair, hands up your shirt, teeth gnashing and eyes open all while the children watched from across the street. They gasped as you fell to your knees and clung to me in desperation. A bell rang and they filed back into the school-house in groups of three and four. I felt your smile on my hips and knew you remembered when we were young. How our first kiss on the playground was filled with innocence and curiosity and not power and desperation like now. How sex was a foreign notion and even at the beginning it was still innocence.(or as close to it as we ever got)

When you finally look up at me there aren't any tears in your eyes as I had thought, rather, they're blank like they've stayed for the pas two weeks. You kiss my hip and pull yourself up to peck my lips in chastity before you turn away and disappear behind the building, dragging me along.