Holiday Homecoming By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was on Sunday,December the Twelveth that a handsome cover artist for Marvel Comics named Steven Grammer had arrived at his family's home in Berea,Ohio to spend the Christmas holiday with them,only to discover that his old high school sweetheart,Angie Decker helping his dad put up some of the decorations on the front porch.

And when he had spotted the wonderful smile on Angie's face,it had reminded him of all the good times that they had shared while they were seniors in Berea High School.

Then suddenly,after she had noticed Steven sitting in his car,Angie had walked over to the car,tapped on the car door window and said,"Hi there,Handsome.Glad you were able to make it."

And then,after he had let out a smile of his own and rolled down the window,Steven had placed his gentle hand on Angie's cheek and said,"Just in time to spend the holidays with the most beautiful lady on the face of the planet Earth."

But then,just as they were about to give each other a passionate kiss on the lips,Steven's dad had stepped off of the front porch,walked over to the two lovebirds and said,"Hey,Stevie!I was wondering when you were going to show up!How's work?"

"Oooohhhh,it's been a really great year for us,thanks the wonderful cover work by your talented son,who still loves you and Mom very much.",said Steven,after he had gotten out of the car and took some gift wrapped packages out of the trunk."Speaking of Mom,where is she?Is she over at Grandma's?"

"Yes,she is.",his dad had answered,after he had taken a deep breath."She just wanted to go over and wish her a Merry Christmas.She told me to let you know that you don't need to worry about her.She'll be okay."

"Well,Steven.At least,we still know that you love your family very much.",said a smiling Angie,after she had placed her arm on Steven's shoulder."So,Handsome.Do you need some help getting those Christmas gifts into the house?"

And after he had looked at Angie and let out a smile of his own,Steven had handed some of the gifts to her and answered,"Well,if want to."

And then,after they had gotten all of the gifts into the house and his dad had gone into the kitchen to make each of them a cup of hot cocoa,Steven and Angie had plopped themselves down on the living room sofa,turned on Extreme Makeover:Home Edition on ABC-TV and snuggled up to each other.

"So,what do you want to do now,Handsome?",asked Angie,after she had placed her hand on Steven's shoulder."Do you want to wait until your mom gets home,before I give you the special holiday gift that I have for you?"

"We might as well,Angie.",answered Steven,after he had let out a sigh."Besides,I just wanted to know how Grandma's doing?"

And then,after the front door had opened and his mom had walked into the room,she had spotted Steven sitting on the sofa with Angie,let out a smile,ran over to him and gave him a great big hug.

"Oooohhhh,Stevie.It's so great to see you here for the holidays.",said Steven's mom,after she had placed her arms over Steven and Angie's shoulders."I just hope you don't mind sharing a room with Angie while the both of you are here."

And then,even though they've told him over the phone that they've rented his room to Angie after her marriage has gone bust,Steven had let out a smile,gave his mom a small kiss on the cheek and said,"Believe me,Mom.I really don't mind at all."

Just then,after everyone in the Grammer household had gone to bed to dream of sugar plums dancing in their heads,Steven had placed his gentle hand on Angie's forehead and said,"Are you doing okay,Angie?"

"I'll be okay,Steve.",answered Angie,after she had allowed a single tear to run down her cheek."It's just that I wish that I've married you instead of Michael,who only wanted us to have a successful business relationship together."

"Well,Angie.Look at it this way.",said Steven,after he had allowed a small smile to appear on his lips."At least,you've been given a chance to try again."

And with that,the both of them had snuggled up to each other and fallen asleep within their loving arms with the knowledge that they were finally able to find their perfect holiday gift.