A puppet version of man

Established a puppet government

In a country that no one cared about

Except the companies

That thrived in excess and oil

And fashionable new clothes

Coming from the indigenous Nothings

Of an unappreciated Nowhere

Who bled their hands on the assembly line

For a days worth of shitty wages

Shadowed by a media and splendorous mockeries

Of what it is to live

The puppet version of a man

Simply chuckled and shook his head

These Nothings are the expense, he said

Little to which we owe

They lacked cash and we showed them

The yellow-brick road

Of opportunity on the flip-side

The modernization that they needed

Funds from the IMF

They're giving us business, man!

And payin' off their debts

The splendorous mockeries "Ooohed"

Consumers of the continuous dupe

That is the way in which we live

The economy upholding it

To end is to begin

Claimed the puppet man

To receive is to neglect

And damn I think it's splendid!

The Mockeries of life

Guffawed and drank their wine

While the Nothings on the Nowhere were bound

By relentless chains

To outdated machinery…

The puppet man, he smiled

At the puppets of the world

At the capitalist norm

To which it was he bowed

- Noone in particular did Anything

They just submitted to their strings

And continued to uphold

The economy