Full sun and high moon, was there no truth?
Spin a web to exile dreams unto cold frost.
Leave nightmares, melody of sacred lute,
To haunt my heart until in decay it is lost.

Could you have closed your eyes just once,
Pretended outside snow was finally falling,
And sung me from my slumber of silence,
Before you left and life triumphed, undying?

Only fond memories make me smile today:
A bird's song is tragic, I know it must end;
What was cannot be altered, chased away.
Unreachable is only Past, Time's best-friend.

And if there is no twilight in the shadow,
The wind will be my convalescent guide,
And if there is no light, angels will follow,
To make me Earth's heaven-borne bride.

Yet I will never forget jade nights or dawn;
The absinthe love we had will always be,
Sweet blood drops, demon kisses, are gone
But from each other's touch we can't be free.

AN: Though this started out without any meaning whatsoever, I believe it does have one at the end. If the imagery is confusing…I apologize. Kinda. Must admit I like it. Review!