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WARNING: The gods and goddesses here are purely fiction, not based on any myths at all. Oh, and they're not exactly immortal. They can also die and be wounded BUT they do have great powers, which prevents them from getting killed easily.

Chapter 1:

SLAP! The girl's icy blue eyes filled with tears. "I'm sorry." She whispered with a trembling voice.

"You good for nothing idiot!" Her mother, the winter goddess yelled at her.

"I'm sorry." The girl sobbed.

"Come here." Carleene yanked her daughter's silver hair and dragged her to the room.

"No Mommy! Please! I won't do it again! I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!" Ice shrieked and and struggled, but her mother just threw her into the frozen room. "Mommy!" She called out, but Carleene turned a deaf ear and slammed the door shut.

Ice huddled up into a tight little ball in the corner of the room. She shivered. The atmosphere in the room was always freezing. Everything in the room was made out of ice, the walls, the ceiling, the door, the furniture, which were just a long slab of ice acting as a bed, and an ice chair. Sometimes Ice wished she was made of ice. At least her mother loved that.

For some reason, Carleene abhorred her only daughter. According to Ice's father, Tentra, the god of wind, it was only plain jealousy. Her mother couldn't stand anyone who surpassed her power. Well, except for Reign and Divine, the rulers of the gods. But besides them, she really couldn't stand it if someone was better than her, even if that someone was her own daughter. Instead of being proud of her daughter's achievements, she just hated her even more.

Ice never thought she was better than her mom. But according to her dad, she was. Her power exceeded his wife's and even his own. At a very young age, she had already made a snow blizzard, when her mother did that when she was a teen. Ice even thought that her mother would be willing to kill her if it weren't for her father who defended her. But this time, Carleene's rage wasn't because of the usual jealousy; it was because of something Ice did.

Last night, Ice saw her mother kiss a mortal. She reported the incident to her father of course. And because of rage, Tentra sent a powerful hurricane. It destroyed crops, wrecked properties, killed some animals, but it did what it was suppose to do: Kill his wife's lover. Eventually, Carleene found out who told her husband about the affair. And the result was a painful beating and 3 days in the frozen room for poor Ice without food.

Ice sighed. If it she hadn't been imprisoned in here so often, she would freeze to death. Usually, her mother only kept her in there for an hour. The longest was 5 hours. Now, it seems her mother really meant to kill her. She leaned her head against the wall, a tear rolled down her pale white cheek. "Why do you hate me?" She asked the empty cold room. "Why?"

Suddenly, she heard yelling in the next room. She pressed her ear on the cold wall. It was her mother and father.

"You get our daughter out of that room this instant Carleene!" Tentra told his wife in a booming voice.

"She's your daughter. Not mine" Carleene responded icily.

"Whatever you say, she's still ours. Carleene, she's only a mere child! She doesn't deserve to be treated like this!" Tentra reasoned.

"Well, she's the cause of this whole mess!" His wife angrily remembered the whole incident.

"No she's not! It's your own fault that the man died. You had been unfaithful to me. Ice was just doing what was right. Now I demand that you release her from that room!" Tentra pointed to make his point clear. "Or else, I'll-"

"Or else what? You'll send a hurricane and kill me too?" Carlene snapped.

Tentra sighed. "No Carleene. I'm not making a hurricane to kill you. I just want Ice out so she can be with us." He calmed down a bit.

"Well then, since you want to be with her so much, I'll grant your wish." Carleene formed a fist, then opened her hand. Instantly 5 sharp icicles formed. "You shall be with her in the world of the dead." She started throwing the icicles like darts.

One pierced Tentra in the shoulder. "Carleene, what are you doing?!" He winced at the pain. Ice gasped as she heard the sickening sound of it piercing her father's flesh.

Another icicle pierced him. Tentra moaned in pain. "Don't worry, in a few minutes you won't feel anything anymore." Carleene cackled.

Ice huddled up tighter. She wanted to scream for help, but she knew it would be only a waste of energy. There were no windows in the room, and the ice walls were so thick no one could hear her from the outside. Strangely she could hear those in the outside.

"Carleene, stop. Please, I beg of you." Tentra struggled to stand, only to be hit by another icicle in the leg. He fell with a thud. "I plead for mercy." He could barely get the words out as another icicle pierced his flesh.

Ice began to cry in the other room. All she could do was hope that her mother would give mercy to her father. "Please stop." She murmured to herself.

"Mercy?" Carleene towered over her husband. "I bet my lover pleaded for that too. But you didn't think he deserved it." Tentra looked at his wife in fear. "Therefore, you deserve none either." The last icicle struck Tentra in the heart.

Ice cried her heart out as she heard her father collapse on the floor with loud thud.

Suddenly, the door opened. Carleene stood at the opening. Ice shook with fear. Now no one was there to stop her mother from doing what she wanted. Ice waited for her mother to give her the same treatment as she did to her father. She closed her eyes. But the piercing pain never came.

"Ice, this will be your room now." Carleene told her in a cold voice and was about to leave.

"You're not going to kill me?" Ice asked puzzled. Her mother stopped for a moment and faced her.

"No. There are things much worse than death." A slow evil smile crept up on Carleene's face and she slammed the door then left.

Ice stared at the door. "Great. Now my life is going to be living hell." She thought.

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