The End of School

The end of my school days is nearing now

From here we will all have to move on

Goodbye to our teachers we'll have to say

In the end from this home we'll all be gone


Never will we jump walls to get out of school

Nor will we taste school chicken, good food

This uniform we shall never again wear

Or cheer for our house no matter if we win or lose


I sit here stuck in a memory of the past

A sweet memory of all that school gave me

My identity, my morals, my education

Helping me unlock my future with its gifted key


Looking back on the two best years of my life

All I regret is being unable to make it last

As I savor every sweet memory brought to me

An Eagle I am now and I shall forever be


A/N: another nostalgic poem, this one'sabout school...i don't want to leave!! the Eagle is our school mascot so basically we're known as Eagles.