"I want to save you, I need you to save me too."

Crystalline dreams floating on the

wind of tears I never cried, catch

my heart in your words and hold it there.

I can pretend forever that this fantasy

won't fade into the bleakest of skies.

But eventually this cotton candy bliss

will disappear slowly until I open my eyes

and realize it is gone.

Just like you, will you fade out to a black screen

or will you disappear in flashes of

white light?

Blank paper stares at me, glaring

accusing me of scarring and marring

its once pristine snowflake white perfection.

Or I could cut it into angelic wings

beautiful, but still only paper.

Enough to lift me

in this weakened state.

Because they are not tainted with anger

only with a drop of Heaven.

Perhaps that is enough

strength to carry me.

Blood in my mouth, copper metallic

slice through my tongue and so

too my words which would have been

in sleek cursive inky letters if they had

found their way to paper.

Sounds uttered blinking in their


"I promise I won't forget…"

Taking this rusty nail and driving

it through my heart I think

I would if I had the power,

but I will not for I do not.

Stars mocking the way I am moved

to tears at the slightest sign of unrest

and loneliness.

Don't join their ranks, I plead.

One more against me would be water

on my cardboard soul.

Would destroy it, it would wilt like

a dying flower placed on a

forgotten grave,

death's depressing solitude melting

its petals of joy.