Playing Dolls

Imagine the strife

If the dolls came to life

In the middle of one summer day.

(I can imagine the measure

Of their displeasure,

If they found out how I used to play!)

We'd all have to hide –

But where? They're inside.

That's the place that the dolls call their own.

We'd stand in the yard

Trying quite hard

Not to look like we're starting to groan.

We'd search all around

From the sky to the ground

For something to help save our skins.

Ahead or behind

All we would find

Were two lurching Barbie Doll twins!

We'd know we were through,

For they know what we do

Whenever we're playing with dolls.

We'd shave Barbie's head

Then leave her for "dead"

And get several – new – at the malls.

So they'd stalk us like deer

Whenever we're near,

Their weapons? The point of a pen.

Imagine the joys

We'd feel when our toys

Were finally plastic again!