I wish I could do more than sigh,

and stare so strong

at the wall,

with a weakness in my eyes.

I wish I could make you feel

what you desire most,

and leave you feeling whole

and happy.

I wish I could smile at you,

so pure and true,

and I wish I could release these doubts,

like balloons into the wind.

I wish I could be all these things,

and more.

But to do such things,

would be different,

than me,

and different

than you.

and would we really wish for that change,

and want that difference,

and love it still-

and hard.

You said,

one time,

that love was a lie-

and marriage is a shame.

people always change,

and to love someone,

throughout these changes,

requires a compromise

from either lover,

and in the end

you betray that love,

that commitment of it,

and it's lost

and unknown

and useless...

and now,

so am I,

ever so lost

and ever so useless,

unsure of what is to be done for the best.

I really do not know anymore than I did before,

and I cannot give you

any more peace that your crave.

But the final question lingers,

would you still want it,

if I cannot give

these things

to you...