Chapter Two

I kept struggling and struggling. I bit and bit at the ropes. All of my attempts of escaping were failing miserably, and also the pain in my side was getting worse by the second.

"What is this?" I heard from down below.

I smelled the air and tensed. I knew that awful smell. It was one of the two legged creatures. I look down, through the holes in the ropes, and see one of them looking up at me. Its mouth was moving.

I gave a small growl, "Go away!"

"You look really hurt," it said softly, ignoring my never ending growls at it. "I won't hurt you."

I looked into its eyes and somehow I understood what he said. The creature had dark eyes, tanned skin, and bushy white hair and beard. He reminded me of an owl-intelligent. He took something out of a bag, and hit a rope that was connected to the ground.

The ground came rushing towards me, but I was still trapped inside the roped net. My vision started getting cloudy. The creature moved towards me, while I gave it warning growls. The forest started to slip away. The last thing I saw was the creature kneeling in front of me before I blacked out.

The next time I woke up, I felt dizzy and different somehow…. I was lying on something very soft. I slowly sat up and looked around my surroundings. I was in some kind of a cage… It was dark and there were no windows. Where am I?

The wall then opened and the same creature from earlier appeared. He looked at me and smiled. I started to growl at him, but abruptly stopped. Something didn't sound right…. I brought my fore legs to my throat. Wait a second….my fore legs don't go up to my throat like this….

I quickly look down at my body. Oh tiger! This is not me! This is not my body! My orange coat and unique stripes are gone….replaced with tanned smooth skin like the creatures.

I quickly stand up on my legs, but suddenly fall back on to the ground. I look up at the old creature, ready to pounce on him and rip his throat out.

"It is alright," he said. "You will turn back to normal soon enough."

I hastily crawl away towards him. How do I understand and yet not understand him?

"I am a shaman," he continued. "You will eventually turn back to your true self. But until that time comes, you will stay with me. I will teach you how to survive my world."

From that moment on, I knew that my life would change forever. For better or worse.