Save Us From Danger, Save Us From Evil

You seemed so sweet,

So kind,

The perfect person


I must congratulate you on your lies,

They even fooled me,

As time wore on,

You became less careful,

You got more noticeable

But not careless enough for my weak compatriots to see you,

As the slime you really are,

At first I was afraid,



At the end of my rope,

Ignorance is bliss isn't it?

Then a voice said in my head

Don't turn away,

Don't give into the pain

Don't try to hide,

Don't close your eyes

I ripped the cloak of darkness away from you,

Your true colors shone as the world blackened

From exposure to your evil,

I thought they would all see,

But I discovered, you still held the cloak tightly

In a firm grasp,

As soon as my lesser's

Eyes adjusted to your darkness, you were re-cloaked

Wrapping your cape even tighter around you,

Even more thick than before,

Once their heads were turned you could breath

I won you said


I am surprised that even a mage such as yourself could be so stupid!

Do you not know?

Do you not realize?

Do you not see?

That I have the power now?

The battle is not over yet,

And I have you by the throat,

Dangling you over the bowls of hell where you belong

For now, you are still "safe"

Still cloaked,

Oblivious of my success

Do you see?

I left a rip in your cloak of lies,

One that is so big that those who look at you can see,

Even if they don't want to

So I am holding you by your rip,

Ready to pull and tear the minute you relapse

For now,

Things are as they were,

You are still cloaked,

But I am holding you tight

All I have to say to you is

Servatise perreculum

Servatise maleficum

These are the prayers and the cries,

That I will soon answer