What a cruel world
That we all live in
Where everybody
Is either filthy rich,
Or stinking poor

There are those,
Who live in a paradise,
Waited on hand and foot,
Never have to worry,
Always have enough

There are those,
Who never see,
A meal on their tables,
Never have enough to eat
And can't afford
To have a house

There are those,
Who smile brightly,
And assure people
That everything's
Gonna be ok,
Everything's gonna be ok
But inside,
They're bleeding,
Their hopes have shattered,
They're dying,
Slowly fading away...

There are those
Who go home crying,
Every day,
Every day
'Cause they're unappreciated,

There are those
Who always seem
To have everything,
Everything they'veever wanted
And they don't care,
About the others,
They just care,
About getting what they want,
Where they want it,
When they want it

If life has such
An unequal balance,
Why doesn't anybody
Ever, ever try to stop,
To change it,
That will be the day,
When someone steps up
And they do something,
They actually do something

I have a dream,
We all have a dream,
That one day,
One fateful day,
The world will
Be treated equally
No matter what race,
What religion,
What skin color,
No matter anything,
We're all equal
'Cause we're all the same
When we turn the lights off

Dedication: This poem is dedicated to all those people out there who don't have enough to eat, don't have a home to go to, all those people who suffer that way. This poem is also dedicated to those who've tried to make a difference, those who want to help but are too shy, too afraid to do it. Don't be afraid. There are people supporting you. Also, special thanks go to Aslan Isreal for the review on From the Outside, From the Inside. That's where I got my ending phrase so lots of thanks go to you or else, I don't know WHAT I would've dond with the ending. Also, thanks to MLK Jr. For the "I have a dream." part. That speech doesn't belong to me so, don't go telling me off for it. :P Hope you all enjoyed the poem.