We fight a thousand small pains in our struggle to live

We take what we can and we are what we give

We think we're alright

We think we'll survive

We think that we can manage to get by

Then someone gets lost, someone goes away

Then someone wanders off on one fine bright day

Then we're not so sure

Then we're not alive

Then we start to examine the time that's gone by

When we loose our someone a part of us dies

When we loose our someone inspiration drys

When they're gone so are we

When they're gone we're confused

When they're gone we're not sure where we've been or been used

To hold on to your someone is a waste of time

To hold on, your someone must be safer than mine

To hold on is good fortune

To hold in is to be young

To hold on is to be sheltered from reality's wind

It's better to have loved and lost

It's better to have known the frost

It's better to be

It's better to live

It's better to live in reality's wind.


(Pardon the angst and emo.)