A Beauty Named Fay

By:Andrew Troy Keler

It was on such a wonderous Christmas Day

That I was able to meet a girl named Fay,

Who had also lived in the big city

Of Cleveland and yet,has got a beauty

That should last beyond that one holiday.

After I've seen her handing some hot meals

To the homeless,I've just made a deal

With her in order to get her to go out

With me by not doing something that's out

Of the ordinary during our evening meal.

Just then,while we were enjoying ourselves

In such a romantic setting,a group of elves

Had suddenly charged into the restaurant and

Done something that really wasn't so grand.

Believe me,a group of angry elves

Beating the living snot out of each other

Really doesn't say 'Good Will Towards Other

Men' during the one particular holiday--

Even with such a beauty named Fay.

And yet,I'm still in love with her.