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The story of the first Kiaryd is one that most don't remember, but it dates back to the beginning of the new world, and the ending of another. The creator was young girl named Tasha. She had watched her world fall apart. One night, she asked her gods to help. Hearing her, the gods sent messengers all over the world. Finding that it really had become corrupt, they decided to destroy it. They asked the young girl who she would like to have spared; to live with her in the new world. Tasha had no family; the only kindness she had ever gotten was from animals. The gods searched the world for someone as pure and innocent as her, and they found him; a young boy about the same age as her. His name was Aaron. The gods destroyed the world, and in doing so, created a new one. There were many new lands on this world; Tasha and Aaron couldn't rule it all. They decided to just rule one piece of land. The gods used seven magnificent crystals to create animals, humans and countless other beings. They also used the crystal to create elements, such as air, fire, and water. As they were doing so, they decided that not only would they make just humans and animals, but a mix of the both; an entirely new species. The half animal half humans soon came to be known as 'hybrids'. The gods divided them selves to rule different parts of the new world, but seven of the gods stayed in the land now ruled by Tasha and Aaron. They separated the land into seven countries, and forty regions in between the countries. The crystals that the gods had used to create the world were hidden in the seven countries.
After an entire year of ruling the new world, Aaron became corrupt. He wanted power over every one, which was not the way that Tasha, the Kiaryd, ruled. Aaron left and moved to another corner of the land. His greed for power made him evil. The gods watched in silence as his magic increased and, to their surprise, he transformed himself into the wickedness in every ones soul. He could control anyone, having ties to them through the evil in there soul. Even after he died, another took over for him, as was the way of the Kiaryd. And that continued, as it always would, for a world must have good and bad to create balance.
Much later, most had forgotten the story of the first Kiaryd, and no one believed that these so-called "crystals" existed, except for the Kiaryd. But there were two individuals who knew about crystals, and not even the Kiaryd could have foreseen that those two individuals would try to retrieve the crystals. This is their story.

Kya yawned, her jaw cracking loudly. Her cat-like ears twitched in boredom. She eyed the young man crouching down beside her. He flinched and looked at her, his dark brown eyes meeting hers. She looked away.
"Why are you here?" Kya demanded, examining a sliver ring on her finger. The man stood up, and leaned against the wall beside her.
"You know why I'm here."
Kya closed her eyes.
"No, I don't."
Kya could feel his eyes searching her face. She tried to keep it as clear as possible, though she was shaking; He always made her nervous. She tried to keep the anxious whine from her voice.
"I can handle myself."
"No," He answered quickly, "You can't."
Kya resisted the urge to strike him.
"Don't fail us." Kya opened her eyes.
"I'm not planning to, Sayne."

Tian tugged on the silver chain around his neck, bored. He eyed a crowd of people as they bustled past him. He leaned back and pressed the back of his head against the glass of the glassblower's shop. The Glassblower's wares attracted many a traveler, but none interested him, none were what he needed. He sighed and looked around again; no one was looking at him. Hastily, he pulled a white silk pouch off his belt and pulled it open. Inside was a shard of a crystal, about the size of his little finger. He gently picked it up and examined it, holding it up to the sun so its white colour changed to numerous shades of pink and yellow. The skin on his long fingers that touched the crystal was a deep blue colour, residue of the magic emanating from the shard. "You," Tian murmured, "are what this is all about."
Tian pressed the gem back into the pouch, and watched the market place hum around him. He searched the crowd again, finding nothing interesting.
Then someone caught his eye. By one of the more expensive jewelry stands was a young woman. At least in her early twenties, she was tall and very slender, with curves that were easily seen. She wore Anlaidish styled pants; baggy pants made with silky material that were sewed tight around the ankles; so the pants were puffy and danced around the wearer's legs as she walked. They sat low on her hips, just under her belly button, and had a blue belt sewn into them. Her top seemed to just be a long length of blue cloth that had been wound around her breasts and shoulders. She wore no trinkets on her neck, but she had one gold bracelet and a sliver ring on one of her long, fingers.
From what he could see from his place on the bench, she had high cheek bones, and a small nose. Under that sat full lips. Her large eyes were the most fantastic colour he had ever seen; A sort of crystal blue sapphire. Her long blonde hair was pulled up into a high horsetail; it shone oddly against her dark copper skin. He knew not what had attracted him so to the young woman, but she seemed different from every other being that hurried through the market place.
She smiled at the woman working at the stall and continued to the next, though nothing seemed to catch her interest. The woman chatted casually with the girl at the next stall. Suddenly she leaned over the stall. The girl at the stall was holding a little blue bag. The blonde-haired woman quickly handed her some money and tucked the bag under one of layers of cloth across her chest. Grinning, she nodded to the woman and abruptly turned and walked into a large crowd of people standing around a stall where some one was selling silk. Tian lost sight of her.
He leaned back against the glass and looked up at the sun. After a few seconds his eyes stung and he looked back at his hands again. He was still holding the pouch.
Sighing, he tied it back on to his belt.
"There is nothing more intriguing then a shard from one of the seven great crystals."
Tian jumped and looked over at the individual sitting on the bench beside him. He was startled to find the radiant blue eyes of the woman he had been watching studying his face. He could see her face more clearly now; and wasn't surprised to find that she was beautiful. Her face was catlike, and her features were more delicate then what he had seen. Her eyes sparkled mischievously as they met his full on. It almost took his breath out of his throat.
He pulled his eyes away from her face and looked down at the little bag that held the piece of rock. It was glowing faintly. He looked back up at her tiredly.
The girl reached up and pulled the blue bag out of the cloth over her breasts. A light green glow shown through the bag. She opened it and placed it on the bench in between them. Tian leaned over it and fished out a green crystal shard about the same size as his.
"I heard they glow when another crystal is near." The woman said softly.
Tian put the gem shard back in the bag. The girl picked it up and tucked it back into the cloth.
She sat up and yawned, then grinned at Tian. "I'm Kya."
Tian stood up and stretched. "Tian."
She got up off the bench and smiled at him. "Come, I'll buy you a drink."

A few minutes later, Tian and Kya sat in the local pub. Kya had bought Tian a drink; but nothing for herself.
"Why don't you have anything?" Tian inquired. Kya winked at him.
"Alcohol had a negative effect on me."
Tian shrugged, brushing it off, and regarded Kya over his drink, confused. She seemed so innocent, but how did she know about the crystals? How did she know about him? Suddenly she grinned.

"Your looking for the seven crystals of the high beings, aren't you?"
"Yes," Tian said, nodding. "I am." Her grin widened.

"As am I."
"No one believes that the crystals exist any more!" Tian exclaimed. She just grinned.
"I am nobody."
Tian closed his eyes, trying to recover his senses. There was something wrong with this.
He opened his eyes and studied the woman in front of him. She was entirely normal. She had no animal features, no ears or tails, so she wasn't a hybrid. She seemed to posses no magic talents at all. Though, Tian noticed suddenly, there was a slight shimmer of magic above her head. He ignored it; it was probably some residue from the market.

"I can't do it alone." Kya said quietly. Tian nodded dumbly. "Neither can you. We both need someone else."
"Are you proposing," Tian asked slowly, "That we search for them together?"
Kya smiled and nodded. Tian sighed loudly, he couldn't think of anything to say.

Kya yawned and stretched. She was standing in the middle of the room she had rented from the inn. She dumped her bag on the small table and stretched again, making multiple joints crack loudly. With a few murmured words she removed the magic covering on her ears. She smoothed back her human ears, smiling as the warmth of the magic as it melted back into her veins. She sighed; hiding her cat features from Tian was needed, but it tired her out. Still, if she didn't, he would find out who she was.
Thinking about that made her think about Tian.

"He's an interesting man." She murmured aloud.
"I believe that's what you said about me once."
Sayne crouched by her open window, brown hair blowing gently in wind. His cat-like eyes shone brightly. As a cloud moved off of the moon, she saw the glint of metal on his belt.

"Why are you here?" Kya demanded. He grinned at her, flashing deadly white teeth. He stood up and leaned against the window sill in a cocky way that always made Kya angry.
"Just checking on you."
"I can handle this." Sayne's grin widened at the venom in her voice.
"I'm not sure you can. I think you're going to get too attached to him." She snorted.
"After you, I don't think I'll ever be attached to any one again."
Kya heard him growl. That had been a bad move. She closed her eyes, trying to stay calm. It could get very dangerous if she didn't stay calm.
When she opened her eyes again, Sayne's face was a few inches from hers. "I'm reminding you," He whispered, "That I can kill you if I felt it necessary."
"It must be awful being a puppet; never being able to do what you really want to." Kya hissed, taunting him. Suddenly Sayne put his hands on her shoulders and roughly shoved her. She stumbled blindly and fell backwards onto the hard bed, the blow knocking the air out of her lungs. She saw glint of metal as she took a deep breath and rolled off the bed onto the floor. Quickly regaining her senses, she rolled onto her knees and looked over the side of the bed. The long blade of Sayne's dagger was not visible; it was buried up to its hilt in the bed, right where she had just been laying.
Sayne was already standing over her. He grabbed her wrist and hauled her up, then pressed her against the wall. She didn't fight, for she could feel the cold metal of another dagger against her throat. She dared not breathe; even the slightest movement would make Sayne slit her throat.
"I think you should stop being so arrogant." Sayne hissed in her ear. Kya nodded slightly. She felt the dagger move off her throat. His hand was still pressed against her shoulder, pinning her to the wall.

"You're not going to fail. Not when we've been planning this for nineteen years." He growled. He took his hand off her shoulder. She fell to the ground, trying to regain the breath she had lost.
When she looked up again, he was gone. Kya took a shaky breath, and stood up. She was not surprised to find that her entire body was shivering uncontrollably. She looked around her, noting the damage immediately. The bed was torn in the middle, and there was a large dent in the wall from where he had held her.
Kya sighed and rubbed her temples, then quietly strode over to the small wooden table and took her things, then left the room; if she was going to appear innocent, she would need an undamaged room.
Outside the window, Sayne watched her leave, grinning.