I wish I could write you a song

with soft words sweet to taste

and not false in the way that when you touch

them they crumble.

I wish you knew how you drive me crazy

-in the best way possible,

because you always (sometimes) come back-

I wish you could float into

my make believe, play pretend dreams (nightmares)

at night, and promise me that

it's going to be all right.

Whisper now, and I'll believe you

no matter what you say.

(hurry, the moment's slipping away and so am I)

I wish the truth wouldn't come spewing out

every time I open my mouth, maybe

it would be easier if I hid the reality

with lily white lies.

I wish we could walk down the street,

and I wouldn't be afraid to squeeze your hand.

Maybe even smile, glimpsing a

sparkle/ glitter/ never coming true scenario.

I wish it would.

Instead I let this whine of a voice serenade me

into oblivion with his painted words,

a person I've never met, a voice I'll never hear.

(in person)

Am I too sickly sweet for you?

Foggy mirror I can't bring myself

to peek into, because I look in that

looking-glass, and wonder who it is that's

staring back.

I'm falling, but I don't think you care.

(though you pretend to)

Then tell me this,

where are you on these tempestuous nights?