We are born under some sign of capricorn, or aries, or leprachaun

Or what ever else it might be

And we spend our lives

Letting destiny guide us

There is something out there

That we think we are searching for,

We look countlessly,

Thinking we have placed

It in all the little corners

In the bookstore,

The bowling alley,

At work.

We think we all deserve it

That it is the path of life that is suppose to lead us

We are suppose to find love

To be love

To give love

Though countless times

Thor smashes our heart with his hammer.

We don't seem to learn.

This is what we are told

Is suppose to happen

In movies, and books,

On tv.

The girl always gets the guy,

Or a better guy.

The guy always gets the girl.

Love is supposed to blindly lead us,

And protect us

In famines,

Natural disasters,

Epic struggles,

And through the normal angsty perils of life.

Or so they say

The thing is more is talked of yearning love,

Of wanting someone that you can't have.

There is no soul mate for everyone,

Or as one person said, soul mates,

Depending on which choice you make.

I can't look anymore,

I am weak,

I am tired.

Maybe it will happen.

And maybe it is giving up,

Blindly giving up,

Waiting for it to come on my doorstep,

Like I have a million times before.

The pain and hope drives us forward somehow.

An endless battle.

We can't ever win.

Is it easy to give up something or someone you love?

Or is it the hardest thing ever.

Causing each new day a new sting,

A new period of grief.

As we struggle to regain all the we had

Or thought we had.

It opens our eyes,

Making us think we deserve more.

When maybe we need to take a deep breath

And just be thankful for all we have.

The truth is somehow we need the pain,

We are all masochist in this cycle.

We are envious creatures,

Feeling robbed of things that will never come.

We try to escape but it just comes back and

Slaps us cold and hard in the face,

Letting us drift in the world

Of fantasy.