This day stinks!

I'm bored.

I wish that I could go to school,

But I can't because I'm sick!

I want to go to school.

I want to do some schoolwork.

I want to hang with friends.

I want to talk to people.

I want to eat lunch in that cafeteria.

I want to learn today.

Aw, man!

I can't.

I want to though.

I really like school.

It's only the second day that I missed this year,

But I hate staying off school.

There's nothing to do when I'm home alone and sick.

Except watching television and listen to music.

I have to stay inside the house,

It's snowing outside.

I want to learn something new in high school today.

Though I can't because I'm sick.



Can't go to school.

Can't hang with friends.

Geez, this day stinks!

I mean that it really STINKS!