-Swinging Trip-

My brother, his friend and I all went down to our woods, because we were going to shoot a video on the vine swing. Of course I was the director. And yeah, we had brought a tape player also.

Well, when it was my brother's turn to swing, he decided to be funny (or rather stupid) and swing with his pants off; just in his underwear. I didn't recorded that and I am glad. That's just so gross!

When it was my brothers friends' turn, he decided to roll down the hill. At the same time he did, there was fart music playing also. It sounded like he fartedall the way down the hill.

Then when it started to rain a little, we decided to head back home. (I was carrying the tape player and my brothers friend was carrying the camera.) For me,it was kind of hard to get down that very steep hill, so I tripped and that made me throw the tape player, which just the batteries came out, that's it. Nothing else. (And that still works.) I am SO gald that my brothers friend had my camera, 'cause what if I would of had it then thrown that? Geeh, I don't wanna think about it. Scary.