You send them out into a bloody battle
You don't care if any of them die
You don't care about their families
You don't care about their friends

When they came home
We were all so happy
And now they have to go back?
Back to bloody Iraq

They're not even paid well
They can hardly pay their rent
All you do is sit in an office and sign checks
I don't see you risking your neck

Maybe you should go to war
Fight the way our soldiers do
Step onto the battlefield
And see how scared you are
When you have a gun pointed at your head

Fifteen seconds to live
That's what you gave these kids
Some of them get a second chance
They get to come home
Now you're gunna send them away again

Twenty days till he leaves
He may never come back
I don't want him to go
He's one of my best friends
But he's got no choice
He has to do his duty
That's what he tells me

They hate it over there
They're all so scared
More than half don't even support
The reasons why they're there

How can you do this to them?
It's so unfair
Spend time in their boots
Live their worst nightmares
And see how quickly you send
Your own child out there