Philistine Idealism

My midwinter butterfly

Soft blue eyes crowning her curling antennae

Golden body, yet unscathed

You bask above the icy sea

We look up and don't notice you

You flicker in and out of sight

My midwinter butterfly

Your colour fading in the cold

Frost tarnishing your bright wings

Nipping at the edges

You shrink and shrivel

My midwinter butterfly

Your cocoon broke too late

You can't live here, not now

Here, it's always winter, always cold

The frostbitten thoughts scour you

You're wings are the only bright thing

We shuffle around, the grey people

Your colour hurts our eyes

My midwinter butterfly

You are inconceivable

Around you, we can't breathe

We slice your skin with out unforgiving smiles

We break your bones with our sharp ideals

Your fine legs stick to our muddy boots

Our warm breathe snaps

Your brittle wings

My midwinter butterfly

Little gaudy nothing