The pain you cause me you couldn't conceive
Hurting me so bad you wouldn't even believe
You come here and take what I want
Then you just love to show it and flaunt
I try and help you and say what's true
but no, won't even let me help you
Why do you continue to beat me down?
then you wonder why my face has a frown
It's because you don't care at all what I feel
You don't even know my smiles aren't real
and I'm sorry if this seems selfish of me
But you would never know how it hurts to see
The images are permanently stuck in my head
and they won't go away, I wish they were dead
I know you care for her very much
but don't be surprised if you get punched
I'm sorry that this is how I feel inside
if you want me to, I'll take my feelings and hide