And running,

And running.

My feet they are torn,

And they profusely bleed.

Pieces of glass in my hands,

Frigid rain biting all these wounds,

Washing away the blood,

As it beads up over and over again.

I wish I had wings to lift me from my feet,

A request to scream and fly,

To touch a ruptured heaven,

So grey and dark.

Nowhere to put my pain,

Violent shadows,

Thin as parchment,

Ready to fall at my feet,

Like onyx porcelain.

Nowhere to turn,

Invisible chains that try to drag me back,

Every ounce of strength,

Pouring out with my blood.


It hinders me.


Strength waning,

Pain seizing my body,

Falling to my knees.

Screams long dry in my throat.

Only nourishment,

Toxic rain,

And the blood,

Pounding from my lungs,

Becoming pink with the water.

Gravel and mud clings to my hair,

Cutting gashes in my scalp.

Tears mingling with rain and blood.

Salt and sweetness,

And bitter water.

Bitter, bitter.

My hands sting,

My feet scream.

Too much.

Too much darkness,

Too much pain,

Too much insanity has come over me.

Let me take flight...

My whisper is drowned out by pounding rain.

But I have no wings...

Anguish is abundant,

Pouring down on me is this rain.

Rain... Rain...

I murmur,

Through dripping lips...

Go away...

Why is it suddenly silent?

Raindrops still pour thicker than blankets of fog.

I cry out in agony,

I feel it pounding on my bleeding head.

But I hear no sound escape my lips,

And they close,

Set into a grimace.

Finally true tears.

And all feeling creeps off my skin,

Only the pain of my wounds remains.

I still hate the rain the sky spits upon me,

I still ask, Where are my wings?

Or, at least, I believe I do think that is what I'm asking.

My pain,

My pain,

Begins to crawl up on my body,

Scurrying through my wrists and ankles,

Down my neck.

Until my whole body feels.

But all it feels is pain.

The pain reaching my eyes,

'Til all I see is crimson,

Bubbling in my face.

I wait here,

Unsure if I am to die,

Or thrive,

Immortal in my agony.