I guess I leave the broken promises

In a trail behind me, follow them

And maybe you'll find me

Oh, if only you knew

The hell you've put me through.

Days turned to weeks to months

To nearly a year, seems like forever.

Too bad you'll never comprehend.

Unknowingly, I guess you didn't know

And I can't blame you. I won't. but…

Seeing you with her, hanging on her every word,

Think I don't remember?

Maybe you know what it's like to have

A broken heart, but do you know what it is to hide it?

Deftly drying my eyes just in time,

Powdering on the mask of a smile.

You never knew.

I guess you couldn't help but burn me.

You didn't know.

(I couldn't tell you)

But even though you've killed me

A thousand times over

I'm still standing here.

I've been waiting for you all along.