Chapter One: Goddess Kiss

He sat, floating in the dark void. His knees were pulled to his chest, and his arms were wrapped around his legs.

"Why am I here?" he sighed, burying his head in his knees.

The boy looked up as he heard a faint jingling.

Approaching him was a beautiful woman. She was unnaturally tall, and her face was eerily perfect. Her skin was pale, her nose small, her lips full, and her eyes were ice blue. Her black hair was pulled into a gravity-defying hairdo on either side of her head, though some hair escaped the pins and fell to her feet. Her silvery white robe whispered like the night breeze through the trees as she walked towards him. The source of the jingling was the silver bangles she wore at her wrists and her throat.

The boy looked back down, hiding his face in his knees once again. The misty, silver glow that surrounded the woman hurt his eyes; he had been sitting in the dark for a long time, and his eyes had adjusted as needed.

The jingling stopped abruptly, and he could feel the woman standing in front of him.

A cold hand touched his cheek and slid beneath his chin, raising his head to look at her.

"Isobel," she began, her musical voice filling the void, the sound meeting his ears like melting ice.

He looked up at her, not even surprised that she knew his name. "Yes . . . Mother Tallis?"

"Isobel," she said again, gripping his chin firmly. "What kind of name is that? I mean, who gives a boy a girl's name? Who named you, anyways?"

He smiled, and shrugged. "My parents, I suppose . . . ." He wondered what was wrong with him. The Isobel he was used to would have jumped up and started bowing furiously to his patron goddess. The Isobel he knew would have been very flustered, and yet he was not. He supposed it had to do with the goddess, and this dream-like state.

The woman was laughing softly and shaking her head. "Come now, Isobel . . ." She began, pulling him to his feet. "You need to lighten up . . . Have some fun . . ."

"Yes, mother Tallis," he replied flatly.

"Oh, don't call me mother. It makes me feel old," she said with a wave of her slender hand. "But, it's true," she continued, instantly serious. "You've never been kissed by a girl, have you?"

Before he could reply, she cupped his face in her hands and brushed her lips against his cheekbone. As she pulled away, a silver crescent moon shimmered on his cheek before melting into his skin and disappearing.

He blinked at the goddess, his hand touching his face where her lips and burned him with their cold.

"Now," she began, straightening up and looking around. "What in the name of the Three Bright are you doing here, Isobel? There's too much to be done for you to be wasting your time here." She shook a long finger at him, smiling slightly. "I'm depending on you, Izzy. Don't let me down."

He sighed at the nickname, shaking his head slightly. "Well, it's not exactly my fault that I'm here."

She raised an eyebrow. "Well, then . . . With whom should I lay the blame?"

"Well . . . It's a long story . . ." He trailed off, looking away.

"We have time, darling," she said curtly, sitting down in thin air, pulling him down across from herself. "Tell me everything."

"Don't you already know?"

"My darling Isobel . . . Contrary to popular belief, I cannot be everywhere at once."

"All right . . . My name is Isobel. I am a priest to the Goddess of the Moon, Tallis."

"Very good . . . I can tell this will be a very, very interesting story."


A/N: It's a beautiful thing, this. I normally only know a little bit more than my readers do, as to what's going on. It's often like this:

Reader: What's gonna happen next?
Me: ::shrug:: I dunno.

Reader: . . . .

But, this time, it is not so! Behold! I know what is going to happen! I've even written it out in an outline! . . . You may all die of shock now. But, seriously! I really want this to turn out. But, don't worry . . . I'm not dropping Greava for this. ::Laughs nervously::

Angry Mob: ::looms menacingly::

Anywhoo . . . I hope you enjoy this new story of mine, "Deity".

P.S: What do you think of the name??