Author's Note (December 14, 2004, 8:44 PM) -- I have no serious original pieces as of yet. Usually I just goof around when I write original pieces, as is evident by my past stories. This piece has taken a rather realistic frame with me, and I'm hoping to continue it. It's only a very short beginning, and though it comes off as a romance, it isn't intended that way in the long run.

Aguilian Rainfall
by Seph Lorraine


Her eyes were green, and they held that glint of laughter, though the lower half of her face was concealed by a dark silken scarf. She was clothed in black and a deep shimmering violet, that fell from her head to her feet, revealing only her two pale hands and her the top half of her face to the beginning of her hairline.

She reminded him of the palace dancers he had heard about in stories throughout the outgrowth of his childhood, though he knew the conditions of her appearance weren't for anything such as the royals' sacred religion or some unheard of feminine modesty. She was on a mission this evening, as were the three young women that walked passively at her side; two of them tittering and smirking with some unseen thought, and the third staring dully ahead.

She was looking at him, though, and watching as he made a face of withering agony behind his master's back, forcing up a mocking smile before the large, hulking man could turn back. She thought he was amusing, and that made his heart pound. He wished he could see her smile again.

The third woman, dressed very much the same, though her robes were of a sandy shade and light blue, quickly muttered something under her breath, catching the attention of the girl with green eyes. Her voice was almost inaudible as they past, but he heard it anyway, "We're not to look at them."

The girl with green eyes lost her laughing expression and moved her eyes sombrely away from him. Instead she looked ahead and continued to walk, idly following the conversation of the two laughing girls, now walking ahead of her. They passed gently and fluidly through the dusty street as if on air.

And they spared no one a glance.

His mood fell as he watched them, four elegant spills of colour against the adobe walls of local shops and homes that lined the street. The sky's deep blue of night was even tainted with that sandy, faded hue. Everything on that street seemed to blend and move together as they disappeared down the street.

A silent sigh graced his lips. The humour in him was gone. He inwardly growled after that stony silent girl in the blue.

"Isshin!" The voice rose from behind him, and he turned to see a man his own age standing in the brightly lit doorway down the alley by their shop. "If you stand there staring at nothing all day there'll be no food left for you! Come in!"

He paused to glance at the front of the shop, noticing that, indeed, his master had already gone in without him, "Just a moment!"

He glanced back at the street down with those colourful figures had drifted, and turned back down the alley in silence. It was an empty feeling, knowing that it was a conscious decision by others for him to be ignored. Not just him, but all people of his class, though sometimes it felt as if he were alone in the matter. He had never truly felt his place in the world until that evening.

When it became obvious he was nothing.

To be continued...
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