AN: for Poetry Club at my school, we were doing this thing where we'd write a poem where the speaker was an inanimate object… and it was really cool!!! I had so many good ideas for one I wanted to write, but of course, I had to be fair and only contribute one, BUT THAT'S NOT THE CASE ONLINE!!! Yes!!! If you're familiar with my writing, then you can probably guess the emotion/inanimate object I chose… or one of them.



I'll make you beg.

I'll make you weak.

I'll make you cry,

And unable to speak.

You'll be too scared to take a peek.

I'll crush your heart.

I'll torment your mind.

You'll never ever trust

Any piece of man kind;

Like chasing a thief when you are so blind.

I'll make you crawl

Upon all fours,

And search for truth

In darkened doors.

I'll make you wish you were never born.

I'll make you sob

And scream and shout.

I'll make you look

For an easy way out.

I'll tell you things that will give you more doubt.

I'll cut you open;

Drink your blood like wine;

Make you suffer and hurt;

Wallow and pine.

I'll serve poison and force you to dine.

I'll do all these things

If you make a mistake.

I'll only hurt you

If you make MY heart quake.

If you play by my rules

And keep feeding the flames,

You'll be the victor

Of all of My games.