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Fifteen balls racked up in a triangle. The over head light made the fifteen shined and glimmer in front. The green felt and mahogany wood compliment each other.

A girl of 15 years postured her stick straight up. A blue square of chalk rubbed against the tip to of the stick. The brief swirls of smoke emitted from the friction of the chalk and pool stick. The girl leaned over and placed the stick on the table. Her eyes shifted a bit observe the angle of where the white ball in front of her will hit.

"If I hit the ball with the right force, I will break it thoroughly."

She was alone. Nobody was on looking on her performance. She slowly moved the stick back and forth. Then with a one swift strike, the 15 year old hit the ball with her strength sending the ball directly to the tip of the triangle. The fifteen balls scattered across the table, and the white ball laid on the middle of where the use to fifteen ball triangle was.


A smiled tugged onto the girl's face. She sighed in relief. It was after numerous of times that she did not put the white ball in one of six pockets.

The fifteen balls are scattered. Nine out of fifteen are solid color. Six out of fifteen are stripped. Only one color sticks out from the another. That color is black. The rest had two of of the same color.

The girl of fifteen observed the possible ways of getting at least one in one of the six pockets. Then, a slight beeping sound rang in her skirt pocket. The girl's face showed no expression when she took out her phone. She took a good look at her phone. She stopped from her current billiard game and left to go upstairs.

"They actually found the time to come back home."


The yellow ball bounced against a racket. The green floor with white lines were surrounded by wired fences. The net in the middle planted on the ground with two posts.

A boy of fifteen bounced the ball up and down. It hit the ground and back up again. He breathe in and out trying to concentrate. The other player on the other side of the court swayed a bit side to side waiting for the boy to serve. The boy then threw the ball in the air and arched his back. His racket made contact with the ball.

"82 this will get past him."

The ball soared full force toward the other player. When the other player attempted to swing, he lost the grip of his racket. The racket was smacked out of his hand by the ball.


The ball hit the fence and simply rolled away from it. A few other yellow balls were scattered around the lone ball. The racket knocked off from the player's hand laid not to far from the lone ball.

The boy turned away from the other player and walked back to his wooden bench where his tennis bag and notebook laid.

"You have a weak grip."

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