Title: Yester-Kind of Day
Author: Heather P.

Shadows crawled and pooled around my feet,
My toes shining bare in the starlight,
As life was spun under the moon.

In the doorway,
Stood everything I tried to hide.

Night stained my legs,
Blood dripping slowly,
As I peered inside,
Trying to find myself.

I have grabbed bits of knowledge,
During my life,
Hoping for something to stand on,
But nothing has come up concrete.
Nothing is solid.

How can something become,
So insecure as I am?
So afraid to be left alone,
In the light of day.

Something hides between me and that other one,
Where a single heart beats frantic,
Wishing that it had never known flight.

I would have been ok,
If I had kept to the ground.
But I wouldn't know how to love....

Somehow that makes everything sane,