Title: Two-Three Heart
Author: Heather P.

You're complicated,
A puzzle I haven't figured out yet.
I probably will never piece you back together,
But not from lack of trying.

There's a two of Hearts in you,
Somewhere, but I haven't found it yet.
You hide and I don't blame you,
There are times I don't want to be here either.

Time is against us, darlin'
There's nothing with results,
That we can see,
And use to show how life is worth,
All this fuss and trouble.

There's the warmth of your hand,
but my palm finds you gone,
More often than I'd like to admit.
A world without you doesn't seem so bad now.

I've had to live without you long enough,
The withdraw has ended.
That crazy karma-kickin drug,
You had pumped into me,
Left my system a while ago.

All I wonder is why I remember the little moments,
And the summaries of time gone by,
When you're long gone,
And the warmth of your hand has left my palm.

I swept the floor yesterday and found that two of Hearts,
If you're interested in it anymore,
And there was a three of Hearts as well,
Under that rug you hated so much,
But that wasn't your doing...