So you take these tears from my face,

And let them wipe away,

Take a ribbon red as blood,

And into it they stay.

Black mascara creeping down,

Into folds of misery,

Take away the time I kept,

You took it all from me.

And you pray to me of righteousness,

And of fallen wings,

Take me from this hollow world,

Which isn't as it seems.

Surrender to me of death and light,

Let it fade away,

Sit still hearing the bell of fate,

Until night passes into day.

Count the drops of blood split,

And the memories which lay,

Six foot under and a passing tear,

Merely Satans' slaves.

Take this rose as good luck,

Let it wither and die,

If you do not follow the rules,

It is you who'll bid goodbye.

Leave me in peace to suffer the worst,

Yet do not leave behind,

A memory of a past self,

To which you are so blind.

Follow the pattern of the heart,

Find reality,

Wait until evenings' dark,

And come to find me.

I'll be waiting in the shadows,

And creep towards your thoughts,

You cannot forget my love,

For all your life I'll haunt.

By Siobhan

Date: 15/December/2004