A/N: this is a story i wrote for english, the teacher said he wanted something that made him go "awwwww" so i wrote this. Review please?

Ignorance is bliss

He was once the centre of attention, "He's so cute", they would say as they saw him take his first steps, "isn't he adorable" they would whisper to each other as they watched him grow into a toddler. He was a good boy, his parents were proud.

He knew nothing of the outside world, nothing of its cruelty.

He lived, bathing in the warmth of his parent's love.

Things are different now.

He has grown, eighteen years of learning, gaining the experience to get through it all. He has lots of friends, friends who love him, friends who he loves and a family who will always care for him. And yet he cannot escape this.

Laughter echoes everywhere he goes. He now knows the shame that comes with being different. The girls are mean but the boys are even worse, he sees his reflection in a pool and is ashamed. So he goes about his day, trying to make jokes so that people can't see the little boy hiding beneath the exterior, the little boy who weeps.

He knows he needs to change, he craves for things to be like they were, to be like everyone else, to be truly loved by someone who wouldn't judge him. He goes to sleep every night after idle hours of tossing and turning. Why can't he change himself? He knows there is something wrong, if only he could go back to that time when what he looked like didn't matter. No one judged him, he was never afraid.

Knowing is painful, knowing there is something-wrong with you, he wishes that like the reflection in the pool, the excess matter would wash away. The rounded frame that once made him cute now makes him cry. Cry tears that burn his cheeks, cheeks that used to ache from laughing. He now feels alone, no one understands.

He prays for silence, the insults torment him as they swim around his mind all day.

There was no pain, no fear, no doubt and no shame. He was once the centre of attention.

Ignorance is bliss.

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