I'm A Cutter

"I'm a cutter, what can I say"
I cut my arms everyday,
I let the blood flow, until I'm light headed and woozy.
Or until I feel like it's worked.
I cut coz it's what I do, just like saying I love you!!!
I do it because it takes away my pain.
I'm really depressed and need to let go.
So I cut coz it helps me be free.
I get my blade and sneak into the bathroom.
Where I spend my time carefully cutting.
I love the feel as it shows I'm real.
It takes all my pain and fear away.
Very few people know, but only the ones I trust,
They help me through the difficult times.
There the only ones who know the real me.
I can't say I'll stop coz I don't know if I will.
But people want me too, and I hate to disappoint.
But the stress of letting go of my blade might send me over the edge.
It's hard to quit, as every cutter can tell you.
No one knows the pain we, as cutters go through.
But I guess I should stop coz the scars are building up.
I can never show my arms, as the scars are so real.
"I'm a cutter what can I say…"
But I can never utter these words out loud any day.

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