The Shondrin knelt before the king.

"My master hast calleth upon me". The Shondrin spoke in a steely voice that made your hair stand on end.

"Yes indeed I have and stop acting like that, there's nothing to fear here. It's the Rasneer who should be scared!" The king spoke like this should be obvious and people who were ignorant of this should be killed.

"However I did call upon you. I need you to go to the realm of Helmshean. You will find a human. You will take that human to our realm and you shall train him. If the Rasneer get there first I will be very disappointed in you Shondrin." When the king said that last sentence he started to finger a long silver dagger at his waist. The Shondrin knew he made the king nervous, but still having a Shondrin on your side is better then having one as your enemy. "Shondrin you must leave immediately."

"Yes master." The Shondrin said bowing his head.

"Oh and Shondrin if the Rasneer get him first you know what to do." The king said looking the man in the eye.

"Yes master. I must go and pack provisions for the journey."

The king gave him an icy stare. He knew that Shondrin's didn't need food but they did need water, a lot of water. The Shondrin walked half way down the passage, then let out a snarl and vanished.