Catch me I'm falling

Hear me I'm calling

Watch me I'm stalling

Stalling time till I get to you.


Taste me I'm melting

Save me I'm drowning

Stop me I'm running

Running far away from you.


Falling, falling


All I ever do is fall

Again and again

Fall for you.

Hit the bottom Fall some more.

Think I'm fixed, but

Crawl back for more.

Too much of you is not enough

It fills me up far too much.


Tease me I'm playing

Fix me I'm breaking

Love me I'm hating

Hating everything that's you.


Soothe me I'm bleeding

Calm me I'm seething

Help me I'm needing

Needing anything that's you.


Falling, Calling


Can't you hear me call?

Again and again

Call for you.


So take me and tease me,

Hate me and please me

Just don't make it so easy to


for you.