Mary-Jane wore a hat today
When they told her to take it off
Her lip trembled
Eyes shifted
She ran out of the room

It set fire to a dynamite of whispers
It's all you ever hear
Rumours buzzing
Theories running
I'd wish they'd all shut up and

Mary-Jane's hair hangs low
Covering her snowy face
You can't see her eyes
They say it's a disguise
And imitate her lonely look

She sits and eats alone
I bet there's a tear underneath
It makes me angry
It makes me sick
That people laugh at her, I just want to
Take her home.

Mary-Jane's lost all her friends
They scorn and say 'she's boring
Too depressing
Too annoying
No one likes a frown,' like that's
The end.

I stumbled into Mary-Jane
She's transformed into a moth
So light
So delicate
A shadow of a fallen angel
It's just so painful to watch.

She lifts up her dark hair and uses
A quiet voice so I understand
I'm distraught
I'm strangled
A face like hers doesn't deserve